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From Collegium Nobilium to Collegium Nobilum Novum

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Collegium Nobilium Novum
Faith and Culture

Modern educational complex in Warsaw - Poland
The history of the Piarist Fathers and their educational activities in Poland date back over 350 years. Through the years, the Piarist Fathers shared their knowledge, experience and traditions and passed it on to many generations.
Many well known scholars and scientists were graduates of Piarist's schools – one of them was Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a patriot who fought for the freedom of Poland but also for the freedom of the United States.
In the past, due to the religious nature of the Fatherhood, the Piarist Fathers were discriminated against by the Russians; and after World War II, under communist oppression, their activity was completely forbidden.
In 1989, after Poland gained its independence once again, the Piarist Fathers started their educational campaign almost immediately.
In 1994, the Piarist Fathers founded the first Elementary School and Junior High School in Warsaw. Today, this school is one of the most popular and desired in the capital. There are more than 100 candidates each year vying for 16 available positions.
The school has an exceptional reputation and it is known for its quality of education and high academic achievement. The education system is based on family values and moral principles of the Church and Country.

Students have the freedom to express themselves spiritually and each student has the ability to develop their individual skills and talents through one-on-one coaching with the faculty.

Current school conditions leave much to be desired. The building is very small and all classrooms are crowded. Small dorm rooms were turned into classrooms – there is no space for any extra curricular activities and there is no room to accommodate any more students. This leaves many disappointed students and parents whose children could not be accepted into the school.

Due to the high interest and demand, the Piarist Fathers felt that this situation could not be ignored. The Piarist Fathers took on the calling and decided to build a new school. Permission to build the school on beautiful grounds was granted and a modern architectural plan was selected for the school. The new educational complex was officially named Collegium Nobilum Novum (CNN).

Collegium Nobilium Novum
is a modern educational complex in Warsaw, which includes:

– Elementary School for 364 students
– Junior High School for 156 students
– High School for 312 students
– Sports complex including two gyms and schoolyards
– Dorms for the students
– Preschool and Kindergarten
– Extra Curricular Courses for Junior High and High School
– Teacher's Center

Location of the Collegium Nobilium Novum:
– Spacious park-like setting surrounding school grounds
– Convenient transportation from all districts of the city
– Convenient location near the St. Blessed Mary Sanctuary

The building of the school is a great undertaking which exceeds the abilities and resources of the Piarist Fathers. To make this project possible we ask for support and contributions. We trust in your help. We feel strongly about our cause knowing that we have the support and blessing of the Pope John Paul II, who wrote to the Piarist Fathers in his letter:

"The Holy Father is close to you because he knows that you have dedicated yourselves to the education of youth, a "Sentinel of the World", spreading seeds of hope for the future of humanity. Each student is like a little plant that will grow strong if it is cared for properly. Accompany your students with patience and wisdom; make every effort to open their minds and their hearts to the truth and to goodness, teach them true justice and peace. Educate them to be Holy..." /– Pope John Paul II/

We ask you for your support to make this project a reality! Each form of support is needed and appreciated. If you know of any foundations, groups, organizations, small firms and corporations, who could support this beautiful cause, we ask for the information to be sent to our office in the United States.

US Director External Relations
Renata Tarnawska
Polish School Principal – South Plainfield, NJ
12 Delany Ct., South Plainfield, NJ 07080
tel. 908/ 769 4707; fax 908/ 769 5916
e-mail: rtarnawska@yahoo.com

Charitable contributions can be made through the
Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union
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